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Does The N.A.T. Club Hold More Clues Than We Realize?

Every death on the show, except for Maya and Lyndon, comes tracing back to -A. Overall, -A’s motive for each murder is because that certain person “knew too much”. Now, let’s talk about the N.A.T. club.

The three known members of the N.A.T. club are Ian, Garrett and Jason. -A killed Ian and Garrett, tried to kill Jason but was unsuccessful. As Marlene said there may be more members of the N.A.T. club than we know about, it’s also possible that Wilden was a member, and he’s dead too.

The question I’ve been stumbling on forever is, why is this club such a huge target for -A?

The only possible explanation I can think of is one those videos caught -A in the act of something that could expose him/her if it was found. I believe those videos hold a lot more clues than we realize, and that’s why -A is so determined to kill each member off.

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